Durga's Programs


Amma Irene Mission (Annamani Children’s Home), Reg. No. 270/2012

Founders: Durga and Sujeeth Tilak

Location: Eluru, Andhra Pradesh, India


A woman named Durga and her husband Sujeeth are sharing their humble home with 6 children, including two of their own. Some of these children are orphans and some have been abandoned, while others have families that are simply unable to provide basic food or education for them. To help Durga provide basic needs for these children we started a child sponsorship program in March of 2009. Today thanks to a small group of dedicated and amazing sponsors the Annamani Children's home stays firmly on the ground with all the children happy to have far away friends caring for them. In honor of Nancy's mother, Durga and Sujeeth started the Amma Irene Feeding Program in February 2011 to help the needy children in their community.

Happy Hearts

UwH's Happy Heart Ministry and Learning Center Program. The program has about 80 young children who meet with our missionaries Durga and Sujeeth, every Sunday. Several of Durga's Annamani Children assist with the program. Durga teaches the children basic English, the children learn activity songs and Durga offers a prayer session and Bible lesson. Each child receives fruit to bring home to their family. The children enjoy this program very much.

Sponsorship: The sponsorship fee to sponsor a Happy Hearts child is $10 a month. Sujeeth takes many, many pictures of the children each week and the pictures are posted on our sponsors page weekly. If you are interested in sponsoring a Happy Hearts child, please send a message to unitedwithhope@gmx.net .

For additional $40 a year you will get your child shoes, books, school bag, birthday and Christmas gifts.

Widows Program

After a life of service and going without, the widows of India face a whole new kind of suffering. Imagine your own children abusing and beating you or abandoning you with no means of survival. This is the reality faced by many of these widows. Those who are able, work menial jobs for a minimal amount of money. Many are too old, frail, and sick to work. They live on the margins of society, a background of misery. The United With Hope Widow's Fund seeks to restore dignity and offer hope to these precious women. The money from the fund goes to meet some of the most basic needs of the widows and reminds them that they are not alone. You can choose a single widow to sponsor or make a donation to the general fund. Either way you will be making a difference in the lives of the widows. All donations are tax deductible.

Sponsorship: For $10 or $20 per month you can sponsor one of these needy widows. You will receive monthly photographs of them with your gift, which will be used by the widows to meet their most basic of needs. There is also the blessing for the widow of knowing that someone cares about them and that they are not forgotten.

General Fund: If you prefer, you can make a general donation to the Widow’s Fund. These funds will be utilized to meet critical needs of the widows in the program, such as food and medical care.

Annamani Children's Home

The children who live in Durga’s and Sujeeth’s home are orphaned children and children with very poor families who cannot afford basic necessities for their children. Durga and Sujeeth treat each child as they do their biological children. The children have a secure home and family life with Durga and Sujeeth. Each child receives an education. Several children attend Intermediate College and go on to receive their Bachelor’s degree or a three-year college certificate.

United With Hope is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the State of Georgia. Your donations are tax-deductible.





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