Pastor Francis Programs

People for Evangelism and Community Enrichment – PEACE Reg. No. 542/2004


Founder: Pastor M. Jayaraju (Francis)

Location: East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India


After the tsunami in 2004 Pastor Francis established a free medical camp in Tatipaka village in Andhra Pradesh. The camp provided free medical check ups and distribution of medicine for over 400 poor people. At that time Pastor Francis was doing all the charity work with his own money. Life was harsh for the pastor and his family and he was unable to continue his good work. In late 2009 we partnered with Pastor Francis to assist in providing food for a few HIV+ families. On January 7-8, 2011 UWH and PEACE organized a Medical Camp for over 1400 people.


Today thanks to our wonderful worldwide sponsors we have three programs in place:

1. Food distribution program for the families in crisis

2. Widows Fund – providing financial help for medicine and food for neglected and poverty stricken widows

3. Grace's Home for widows

PEACE Food Distribution Program

Monthly Food Distribution for Families.

Our families and children in this program receive monthly bags of rice, potatoes, oil and onions . Only the very needy are added to this program.

$20 per month for full sponsorship / $10 per month for co-sponsorship.

Pictures posted monthly.

Widows Program

The widows live in surrounding villages of Pastor Francis. Pastor Francis' visits the widows monthly delivering their sponsorship funds and gifts.

Sponsorship: $10 per month

Pictures posted monthly

Grace's Home for Widows

Grace's home for the old age and elderly was started by Francis father in law and mother in law. It took years to build and was opened in 2017. Since the passing of Francis father in law it's been a struggle to maintain the home. We have decided to offer some help to Francis and try and keep this home running and these widows cared for.


We will try and help them in the running of it by starting a sponsorship program in Hope's

we can raise enough money monthly for their care.  


The building is paid for but the expenses consist mainly of yearly taxes, monthly power bill, food supplies like oil seasonings, rice vegetables, fruits, breakfast foods, clean water, coconut oils, cleaning supplies for body,  soaps and laundry detergents. 

We know $20.00 wont even cover the evening meals much less the morning meals nor the extra supplies or drinking water and snacks but we are hoping to start off slow, get a few helpers and see just what help they actually need. 


We will need to do fundraisers to help keep this home running on occassion and hope we will find someone who has a big love for the elderly that they will take on this program. 


Sponsorship fees will be $20.00 monthly for now. We have 15 in need. Bios are listed.

We will get more photos/videos from this program because Francis attends the home daily. Meals are cooked and served daily. 


Maybe together we can commit to help them and keep them in their home.


The widows are Hindu's and Christian's. Most are not sure of exact age or birthdate.

All are in this home because they had nowhere to go. Francis has known these people most of his life as they attended father in laws churches. We hope this information goes a better insite to the program .


Some widows are very good cooks and help with cooking. Everyone does their share in keeping this as a home. The widows are very happy to be staying here and are worried that they may loose their home and have nowhere to go. Our other widows can join this home if they choose and in coming months we will see who chooses to relocate.


In the meantime we will start Grace's widow fund that will be where sponsors can donate to the general running and care of these elderly residents. This may include medicines and even funeral services.


We will call the sponsorship program Grace's Home for Widows Sponsorship Program.

Grace's home for short. The general fund once again will be Grace's Widow Fund.

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