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On the Amma Irene Fund blog you can read of Nancy and Susan's 2013 mission trip to India and find out more about our partners. 


Amma Irene Mission (Annamani Children’s Home), Reg. No. 270/2012

Founders: Durga and Sujeeth Tilak

Location: Eluru, Andhra Pradesh, India


A woman named Durga and her husband Sujeeth are sharing their humble home with 17 children, including two of their own. Some of these children are orphans and some have been abandoned, while others have families that are simply unable to provide basic food or education for them. 


To help Durga provide basic needs for these children we started a child sponsorship program in March of 2009. Today thanks to a small group of dedicated and amazing sponsors the Annamani Children's home stays firmly on the ground with all the children happy to have far away friends caring for them. 


In honor of Nancy's mother, Durga and Sujeeth started the Amma Irene Feeding Program in February 2011 to help the needy children in their community. 


People for Evangelism and Community Enrichment – PEACE  Reg. No. 542/2004

Founder: Pastor M. Jayaraju (Francis) 

Location: East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India


After the tsunami in 2004 Pastor Francis established a free medical camp in Tatipaka village in Andhra Pradesh. The camp provided free medical check ups and distribution of medicine for over 400 poor people. At that time Pastor Francis was doing all the charity work with his own money. Life was harsh for the pastor and his family and he was unable to continue his good work. 


In late 2009 we partnered with Pastor Francis to assist in providing food for a few HIV+ families. On January 7-8, 2011 UWH and PEACE organized a Medical Camp for over 1400 people.


Today thanks to our wonderful worldwide sponsors we have three programs in place: 

1. Food distribution program for the families in crisis 

2. The Amma Irene Tutoring program – to feed and tutor community children one day a week

3. Widows Fund – providing financial help for medicine and food for neglected and poverty stricken widows 

Murumbeni Yehova Investment - MUYI

Founders: Michael M. Mwitha

Location: Chipambo, TA Kabunduli, Nkhatabay West, Malawi


Life in the rural area of Malawi is harsh. Most of the families in Chipambo village live from farming and they face many issues (drought, poor soil and need of fertilizers, seeds, transportation, etc..) so very few of them have much of an income. One meal a day in the evening is common and it consists of maize, some vegetables and very rarely meat. The water supply comes from a few boreholes and a stream. During the rainy season the road gets flooded and it's almost impossible to reach Chipambo. 


For more about the work of MUYI and how you can help see under Malawi.


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